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The TRPG Mission


The Trefonen Rural Protection Group works to safeguard the rurality of Trefonen in a way that underpins all that is best in the balance between new housing and a tranquil, productive and beautiful environment. TRPG closely monitors larger scale housing development proposals that are considered to be counter to that aim.


Trefonen is unique, essential, precious and finite – and it is under threat from proposed housing developments that could gradually lead to urban sprawl.


TRPG is a fully constituted local organisation, with over one hundred members committed to standing up for the village and its countryside, to protect it

from the threats it faces and to shape its future for the better.


The work of Rural Protection extends beyond planning developments and TRPG is expanding activities to include Heritage, History, Archaeology, Wildlife and the Natural Landscape.


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TRPG Active Campaigning and Lobbying


The Management Committee works tirelessly to activate the true ideals of localism, by inspiring villagers and others to make known their feelings and views to Governing Bodies involved in the Planning Processes and Decision Making at all levels - Parish, Unitary County and National Government.


The TRPG has directly made strong representations, enhanced by the significant expertise contributed from professionals in other relevant and related organisations. Since its formation in March 2014, the TRPG has established itself as an effective organisation that is respected and recognised as a reputable body.


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