TRPG Objectives

TRPG Trefonen Rural Protection Group

Keeping the Rural Spirit of Trefonen alive

TRPG Objectives

TRPG has formulated a set of objectives to ensure that the mission is achieved.


  1. To minimise the amount of green fields and trees to be lost to development so that residents of today and future generations can continue to enjoy the rural village of Trefonen and its countryside.


  1. To influence Shropshire Council Planning Policy and its Officers and Councillors in order to preserve the heritage and character of Trefonen and its rural surroundings.


  1. To retain visible green spaces within Trefonen and between its neighbouring villages and Oswestry in order to preserve their individual identities and to prevent continuous urban sprawl.


  1. To achieve a fair distribution of truly affordable small-scale housing spread evenly and sympathetically across the village.


  1. To ensure the design, scale, layout and location of new houses is in keeping and sensitive to the character and local distinctiveness of Trefonen.


  1. To work to prevent concentrated and intensive developments with their resultant infrastructure and environmental impacts.


  1. To support the protection of the national monument of Offa’s Dyke and its passage through the confines of Trefonen village and all other aspects of cultural heritage, including industrial and archaeological sites within Trefonen.


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